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Lawn Care Cincinnati


Try Central Lawn Care lawn treatment services in your neighborhood of Madeira.

It’s a vibrant community with an eclectic collection of old homes and new, parks, coffee shops and gorgeous, Midwestern foliage. Whether you’re looking to brighten up a mature lawn or support new grass growth around new construction, we have a lawn care program that will fit your needs. 

Lawn Health Treatment Programs
Learn about our fertilization methods and pest control techniques, including:

  • Hybrid Soil-Builder: Organic meets traditional technology with our hybrid fertilization program. Our compost-based soil builder allows us to use half the herbicides that traditional programs use, while still achieving a green, wonderfully weed-free lawn just the same.

    Organic biology gets reintroduced into your landscape by way of our compost-based soil builder, giving your grass and soil the essential elements it needs to stay healthy. This provides your whole lawn system with the strength to fight against pests, drought and nutrient deficiencies.


  • Weed & Pest Control: You no longer need to worry about crabgrass, grassy weed, nutsedge, grubs or other common lawn problems. Our lawn treatment programs are designed to control the weeds and pests in our local area of Madeira and surrounding neighborhoods.

    In recent years we have witnessed a surge of exotic pests in our local landscapes. These pests come from other regions of the U.S. or other parts of the world and include Japanese beetle grubs, green June beetle grubs, nimblewill, dollar spot, brown patch and more. CLC builds on years of experience and hours of continued education per year to stay up-to-date on current trends and the best practices for controlling pests and weeds.


  • A Program for Everyone: Whether you're looking for a basic lawn refresh or going for the greenest lawn in Madeira, we can help you make it happen with our variety of lawn health programs that offer:

    • 6 lawn visits 

    • Nutrient-dense applications of our hybrid compost-based soil builder

    • Grub and control for bothersome surface insects

    • Crabgrass prevention and treatment

    • Nutsedge, grassy weed and other common tough weeds

    • Double pass core aeration 

    • Overseeding and seed starting fertilizer each fall

    • Charlie's superior customer service you can always expect 

Our programs are available in hybrid green, greener and greenest as well as an all-organic choice. Find out what's included in each package and pricing.

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