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Lawn Care Service Cincinnati


Central Lawn Care offers lawn treatment services in your neighborhood of Mariemont.


A quaint, historic landmark community where tudor-style homes and cottages are surrounded by English gardens and large, mature trees. Don’t let dull grass become an eyesore–we can help wake it up with one of our many green programs options. We even offer a 100% organic bee-friendly program as an extra green option.

Our Lawn Health & Protection Programs
Expect these industry-leading techniques for pest control, fertilization and lawn health:

  • Hybrid Soil-Building Fertilizer: A hybrid program that combines two effective approaches–organic and traditional. Not only does our compost-based soil builder achieve a green and wonderfully weed-free lawn, but it also cuts traditional herbicide usage in half compared to standard programs.

    Our hybrid approach builds up key elements in the grass by reintroducing biology into your landscape. This not only keeps your grass healthy, but your soil too, ensuring your whole lawn system is able to fight against pests, drought and nutrient deficiencies.


  • Weed & Pest Prevention & Control: You don't have to worry about crabgrass, grassy weed, nutsedge, grubs or other lawn issues. Our lawn care programs are intended to tackle the weeds and pests in your local area of Mariemont and the surrounding neighborhoods.

    We have also seen a surge of exotic pests in local landscapes over the past few years. They can come from other parts of the world or other regions of the U.S. and include Japanese beetle grubs, green June beetle grubs, nimblewill, dollar spot, brown patch and many more. At CLC, we pride ourselves on years of experience and hours of annual continued education that keep us abreast with current trends and best practices for controlling the latest threats.


  • Well-rounded Programs: Whether you're interested in basic lawn services or going for the greenest property in Mariemont, we can help you with our variety of lawn health offerings such as:

    • 6 lawn visits 

    • Applications of our nutritious, hybrid compost-based soil builder

    • Grub and surface insect control

    • Crabgrass treatment and prevention

    • Nutsedge, grassy weed and other tough weed control

    • Double pass core aeration 

    • Fall seed starter and overseeding 

    • And as always, Charlie's customer service our clients have come to love

Our services are available in hybrid green, greener and greenest levels, plus an all-organic option. Find out what's included get an idea of pricing for each package.

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