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Lawn Care Cincinnati


Choose Central Lawn Care for your lawn treatment services in Terrace Park.

A quiet community that boasts small town charm, tree-lined streets and pristine landscaping. If you want to bring golf course green to your yard, we can help make that happen. We offer several programs from green to greenest and even a bee-friendly option that is 100% organic.

Lawn Health and Protection Services
We offer the following fertilization, pest control and other lawn treatments:

  • Hybrid Soil-Building Fertilization: Our hybrid program merges organic and traditional technology. By using our compost-based soil builder, we are able to cut the amount of herbicides traditionally used by half–without sacrificing results.

    With our compost-based soil builder, we re-introduce organic biology to your landscape, giving your grass the essential elements required to stay healthy and compete against pests. It even goes beyond your grass to ensure your soil is healthy, assisting your whole lawn in the fight against pests, drought and nutrient deficiencies.


  • Weed & Pest Control: Our treatment programs for your lawn tackle the weeds and pests in our local area of Terrace Park and the surrounding neighborhoods. Let worrying about crabgrass, grassy weed, nutsedge, grubs and other common lawn problems be our problem.

    In recent years, we have seen a surge of exotic pests–such as Japanese beetle grubs, green June beetle grubs, nimblewill, dollar spot, brown patch and many more–in our local landscapes. Fortunately, CLC builds on years of experience with hours of continued education annually to stay knowledgeable about current trends and best methods for controlling the latest lawn issues.


  • Well-rounded Programs: We have a program to suit everyone’s needs, so whether you're looking to maintain basic lawn health, or going for the greenest lawn in Terrace Park, explore all our plans have to offer:

    • 6 lawn visits 

    • Nutrient-dense applications of our hybrid compost-based soil builder

    • Grub and other insect control

    • Crabgrass prevention treatment

    • Treatments for grassy weed, nutsedge and other stubborn weeds

      Double pass core aeration 

    • Fall overseeding and seed starter

    • And as always, Charlie's top-of-the-line customer service 

Learn more about our hybrid green, greener, greenest treatment packages as well as our all-organic option. See what's included in each package and pricing.

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