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Central Lawn Care started like most companies do – as a very simple operation. In 1987, two guys bought a truck and began mowing lawns out of a garage. Customers quickly came to appreciate the high standard of work and the company grew.

Today, we offer you a more impressive breadth of lawn and landscape services than ever before, from professional mowing to landscape installation and management to tree health, soil solutions and organic fertilization. 

And while our list of offerings has changed dramatically since day one, after decades in business, a few things will never change. We still provide the most dedicated customer care and best quality lawn care work in the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati area. 

Central Lawn Care. For All of Your Lawn and Landscape Needs.

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The mission of Central Lawn Care is, of course, for you to be over-the-top happy with our products and services. For your neighbors to be green with envy (and they STILL wont' be as green as your landscape). And for us to keep your business for many years to come!

But we want to be even more. We also strive to be stewards of our people and our planet. How do we do that?  We just cut grass, right?

We get personal. Through one-on-one conversations, we're transparent about our products and practices with you, our customers. Internally, our team pushes one another to develop and implement safer and more environmentally friendly equipment and procedures. We give our personal time – as a team – to community projects our customers and team members believe in. Our goal is to make our community and our shared patch of planet a better place one conversation at a time. 

Central Lawn Care Owner
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