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Landscape Care



For Trees & Shrubs. Give Them the Nutrients They Need

* New services only. CAN be combined with other offers. 

Tree and Shrub Programs
Welcome to our specialized Shrub and Tree Care Programs at Healthy Lawns, where we take pride in offering tailored services that cater to the specific needs of your greenery.

Season-Long Health and Protection:

Embark on a journey towards sustainable tree care and shrub vitality with our comprehensive program. Our certified arborist conducts a thorough evaluation of the tree, paving the way for a custom-built tree care solution. Utilizing our proprietary BIO-SOLUTION and fertilizers timed precisely for soil activity, we nurture the health of your plants throughout the season. Proper tree care and protection from common regional pests is ensured through traditional pesticides and fungicides, precisely administered per recommended rates.

Invasive and Damaging Pest Treatment:
Uncover the resilience of your landscape with our targeted pest treatment program. Invasive threats such as anthracnose, trunk cankers, bronze birch borer, dogwood borer, and more are no match for our advanced industry solutions. Through meticulous identification, product selection, and precise application, we safeguard your landscape from controllable pests, preserving the beauty of your outdoor space. Here are high-devastating pests common to the area that Healthy Lawns can treat:

  • Anthracnose

  • Scale insects

  • Trunk cankers

  • Bronze birch borer

  • Dogwood borer

  • Bagworms

Tree and Shrub Size Management:

In a world of evolving horticultural practices, Healthy Lawns brings you innovative solutions for precise tree trimming and shrub trimming. Our industry advancements allow us to control the size of trees and shrubs in ways that enhance their health without causing harm. If you find a tree too large for its planted area, our skilled professionals can help tailor its size to better suit the surroundings.

Tree and Shrub Revitalization Programs:
Beyond the cosmetic, our focus extends to the holistic well-being of your trees and shrubs. Our revitalization programs address common issues like drought, restrictive growth, nutrient deficiencies, and pest pressures—both above and below ground. Factors such as soil pH, compaction, organic matter, and drainage are meticulously considered.

Unlike quick-fix approaches that merely involve fertilization or pesticides, Healthy Lawns provides comprehensive solutions. We aim to facilitate maximum nutrient absorption, effective pest control, and the creation of ideal growing conditions. Our approach ensures that your trees and shrubs not only survive but thrive in an environment that promotes their long-term health and vitality. These services include:

  • Organic amendments

  • Girdling root pruning

  • Compaction alleviation

  • Construction damage repair

  • Drainage repair

  • Tree trimming

  • Shrub Trimming

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