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Landscape Bed Care Cincinnati


$50 off $500 or $100 off $1000

on our Spring Spruced Up Landscape Program*

* New services only. CAN be combined with other offers. 

Once installed, a beautiful landscape needs attention and care to make sure it blossoms at its best from season to season and year to year. Our landscape care programs are designed to make sure your landscape is the talk of the neighborhood every year.


We exceed expectations by employing highly skilled and trained landscapers in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, and providing the highest-grade materials for the job. We also pride ourselves in the ability to service any landscape type. It doesn’t matter how big or small or how intense or light the upkeep is that you need.

Spruced Landscape Care Program
This (typically) once-a-year service includes:

  • Prune ornamental shrubs and trees

  • Clean beds of weeds and debris

  • Edge landscape beds for defined area

  • Application of pre-emergent herbicide to keep landscape weed free

  • Apply mulch for plant health, future weed control, and that final touch

Growing Season Plant Bed Care
This continual landscape care maintenance program includes:

  • Perfect maintenance plan after the initial spruced landscape program

  • Keeps plant beds free of weeds all growing season

Ornamental Tree and Shrub Pruning
This incremental landscape care service includes:

  • Providing your ornamental trees and shrubs with the proper pruning care needed for health, vigor, and optimum aesthetic appearance. To maintain proper tree and shrub health and appeal, these services are performed twice per year.

  • Depending on desired performance, this service may be bundled with our season plant bed care program to ensure your landscape is kept tidy all year long.

Planting and Transplanting
These services include:

  • For planting, we help you choose the plants that will not only look best but thrive best in your particular landscape environment. We then plant using best practices so they take root successfully. This includes annuals, bulbs, small perennials, shrubs, and trees both large and small. 

  • For transplanting, we help you relocate plants that are not thriving in their current location. By using the proper techniques and timing, we give that plant new life in another spot on your property. This includes small perennials, shrubs and trees both small and large.

Soil Solutions 
Many times, difficulty with plants is actually caused by soil issues. Our landscape care programs help to improve vigor, strength, nutrient availability, and environmental stress protection for your soil without being overly costly. These services include:

  • Organic matter replenishment

  • Compaction and drainage relief

  • 360 Mulching

Why Choose Healthy Lawns? 
MElevate your landscape with our comprehensive care programs, ensuring year-round perfection. Our skilled landscapers in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky exceed expectations, offering top-grade materials and services for landscapes of all sizes. Enroll in one of our comprehensive landscape care programs today and transform your landscape into a masterpiece.

Ready to take your landscape care to the next level? Request a free quote from our website today!

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