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Crabgrass Prevention


In most areas of the country, and certainly in the Cincinnati area, invasive types of weed species can be a real problem. One of the most common and problematic types of weeds is crabgrass.

Crabgrass is a clumping type of weed with thick stems and leaves extending out from the central clump, resembling the legs of a crab. Ensuring your lawn mower is set to the correct height is critical to allow the turf grass to keep the soil shaded, reducing the ability of the crabgrass to germinate and thrive.

The crabgrass weed spreads by seeds, which means the plant is an annual. Once it takes root in your yard, it will drop as many as 150,000 seeds per plant. These seeds stay in the soil and are quick to germinate in the spring, taking nutrients and water from your lawn.

Healthy Lawns Crabgrass Prevention

At Healthy Lawns, we offer both weed control and crabgrass prevention. The best way to avoid crabgrass problems in your front or back yard is to have a healthy, actively growing lawn.

Our crab grass preventer programs are specifically designed for Cincinnati lawns. We use our composed-based soil builder fertilizer to boost the nutrients in the soil, allowing turf grasses to thrive and grow. We also complete core aeration in the fall, ensuring your lawn has optimal growing conditions to prevent crabgrass from being a problem.

When you have new home construction and are interested in landscaping your property, or if you have an existing lawn, our crabgrass prevention programs are perfect for you. Reach out to the team at Healthy Lawns for a free estimate and keep your lawn crabgrass free.

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