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Weed Control


At Healthy Lawns, we focus on using products and treatment options that are good for your lawn and great for the environment. One of the cornerstone products we use in all our healthy lawn programs is our organic fertilizer.

Enrich your lawn with our exclusive Healthy Lawn programs, specially crafted for Cincinnati residents. A key feature of these programs is the use of our hybrid compost-based soil builder, meticulously applied throughout the year at strategic intervals. This approach ensures your lawn receives the essential nutrients necessary for optimal growth and thriving health. Experience the benefits of our organic lawn care program, designed to elevate the well-being of your lawn and contribute to a lush, vibrant landscape. Choose us for a comprehensive and effective approach to organic lawn care in Cincinnati.

We also offer a 100% organic lawn care program in Cincinnati, which is an exceptional choice if you want to eliminate the use of any herbicide products. The organic nature of the compost fertilizers means the nutrients are readily available and there are absolutely no chemicals added to the soil.

Organic Fertilizer Benefits

Elevate your lawn and landscape health with our premium organic fertilizer. More than just adding essential nutrients, our compost-based soil builder fertilizer introduces a wealth of organic material to your soil. Through regular applications, this organic fertilizer promotes the development of healthy soil, providing a strong foundation for your lawn and landscape elements. Experience the transformative benefits of our organic fertilizer, nurturing not just your plants but the overall vitality of your outdoor space. Choose our expertise for a sustainable and thriving landscape.

The result is a healthier, thicker, and more vibrant lawn that is also stronger and more resistant to drought, overwatering, insects, and weeds. This, in turn, eliminates the need to use chemical herbicides or fertilizers, ensuring a beautiful lawn without the need for anything but organic treatments.

To discuss our organic fertilizer or our organic lawn care program, reach us online or request a free estimate using our handy form.

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