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Weed Control


No matter where you live, weeds are always a problem in your lawn. These invasive plant species rob your grass of essential nutrients from the soil while also using up available moisture. The root systems of weeds can also choke out grass, slowly turning even the most luxurious lawn into a tangle of unsightly weeds and bare patches.

A Comprehensive Lawn Weed Control Service

At Healthy Lawns, we offer a range of options for weed control for Cincinnati homeowners. We have some products that are effective at removing the common regional weeds, including nutsedge and other types of grassy weeds.

We also offer specific treatment options to remove and prevent the invasion of crabgrass, which can quickly kill out lawn grass. We use the best weed killer for the job and ensure it is used correctly and safely on your property.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best service possible. We are happy to answer questions and address any concerns you may have with weeds or your lawn’s overall health.

Keeping Your Grass Healthy

One of the best ways to help keep weeds at bay is to keep your lawn healthy. Healthy Lawns offers a variety of packages that include weed control as part of the service.

In addition, these packages also provide fertilization with compose-based soil builder, grub and insect treatments, and aeration and overseeding in the fall to ensure your lawn is in great condition for the spring growing season.

For a free estimate on our weed control solutions, reach out to Healthy Lawns today.

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