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Weed Control


Elevate the pride in your beautiful lawn with Healthy Lawns, bringing nearly forty years of expertise to homeowners across northern Kentucky. Our specialized lawn care services extend to Boone, Kenton, and Campbell counties, providing exceptional care tailored to the unique needs of the region. Trust us to bring out the best in your lawn, ensuring it remains a source of pride for you and a standout feature in your neighborhood. Choose Healthy Lawns for top-tier lawn care in northern Kentucky that stands the test of time.

Our mission is to keep your lawn consistently beautiful. We offer a variety of landscape care options, including specialized healthy lawn programs aimed at enhancing soil health and maintaining the beauty of your front and back yards year after year. Our services extend to spring green lawn care, preparing your yard for the upcoming growing season. Trust us for comprehensive landscape care, ensuring your outdoor space thrives with lush, vibrant greenery. Choose our expertise for a lawn that remains beautiful and healthy throughout the seasons.

Organic Lawn Care

We believe in being good to the environment, which means choosing organic lawn care options. We have our own compost-based soil builder fertilizer, which distributes organic material and nutrients to the soil. This is applied throughout the year to give your lawn everything it needs to grow and thrive.

Thanks to the nutrients and soil-building impact of our soil builder fertilizer, we only need to use half of the herbicides needed by other lawn care companies in Kentucky. However, for those who want to eliminate any herbicides, our soil builder offers a top option for a 100% organic solution for your lawn that still provides weed and insect resistance.

In addition to our Healthy Lawns programs, we also offer a range of individual options such as aeration, overseeding, and the use of a Sliceseeder to place the seed just at the right depth in the soil without disturbing your existing lawn.

For a free estimate on lawn care services near me in Kentucky, reach out to the Healthy Lawns team.

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