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Here's why winter is the perfect time to prepare your lawn for its best spring season yet

It’s winter here in Greater Cincinnati, and that often makes for a dreary, gray view from the kitchen window. But although your lawn may look lifeless and desolate, there’s an incredible amount of bustling life and activity happening just below the surface.

Millions of microorganisms are working to recharge the soil, and your plants and grasses are soaking up vital nutrients for germination. It’s time to do your part and help them along! With a little help from the experts, you can capitalize on this important season and transform your lawn into a dazzling greenspace. Your neighbors will be green, too, with jealousy because you wisely got the jump on your springtime lawn and landscaping vision.

Here are the top three reasons winter is the absolute best time to plan your spring lawn design and maintenance strategy.

1. Winter “downtime” lets landscape pros focus solely on your lawn.

The first major advantage to winter planning: It’s typically a slower season for landscaping companies. As lawn care professionals, we take pride in giving personalized, one-on-one attention to clients year-round. But like with anything else, extra lead time in winter allows us to brainstorm and share more ideas while tackling essential pre-spring lawn cleanup. Then, with a well-planned design clearly in view, we can hit the ground running at the first sign of spring.

2. In addition to spring planning, winter cleanup and lawn prep is essential.

There’s a lot that goes into preparing for your best spring landscape ever. For starters, warm-weather exposure risks make winter the optimal time for pruning ornamental shrubs and trees.

In addition, winter is a prime opportunity to clear dead plant matter and debris from mulch beds, edge and fine-tune the landscape design, and apply pre-emergent herbicide and fresh mulch to give grass and plants a vital competitive edge as they make their spring debut.

3. Winter landscape clients get first dibs on spring products and services.

If winter is “downtime” for landscaping and lawn care companies, then spring is most definitely “uptime.” The moment temps climb, and winter frost subsides, everyone in the neighborhood will be rushing to start their landscape projects. That means more demand for services, as well as fertilizer and other limited materials and supplies.

Moreover, getting a late start may mean missing out on valuable discounts, like the 10% off coupon we offer for early-season bookings. Fortunately, none of these will be a concern for you, being such a clever and proactive lawn care planner!

The bottom line: The early bird really does get the proverbial worm.

You can count on the experts at Central Lawn Care any time of year for unbeatable savings and service. But we don’t want any of our clients to miss out on the unique benefits winter brings for both your lawn and your wallet. Whether you envision gorgeous annual pops of color or a full curb appeal makeover, we can help make your winter lawn daydreams a reality.

Call us today at (859) 485-2024 or email us at We look forward to partnering with you to bring your landscape vision to life!

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